With the holidays just around the corner, you probably want to know the best gifts for all of those who made your good list this year. The kids are usually our biggest contenders for the holiday, since the season is all about them. The holiday gift ideas below are a few items that the little ones will happily open on Christmas day.

1.  Stuffed Animals

Large-sized stuffed animals are especially nice for kids, although there are tons of stuffed animals in assorted styles, colors, sizes, and designs. Children love snuggling close to their stuffed animals so make sure that you add one to the holiday shopping list this year.

2.  Coloring Books

Children love to color and since it offers so many great benefits, it’s a good idea to provide them with tons of coloring options.  Coloring teaches kids so much and parents often times enjoy this activity with their little ones. Choose a large set of crayons or colored pencils and personalized coloring books for an awesome holiday gift.

3.  Electronics

Choose electronic items based on the age of the child and of course, the budget you are comfortable with spending. You can never go wrong when the littles get a new smartphone, iPad, or even Blu-Ray player for their room.

4.  Scooter

Scooters are popular today as they were several years ago when kids began riding them often. Many styles of scooters are available, so kids of all ages can find something that suits their style.

5.  Cartoon-Related Items

personalized coloring books

What cartoons capture your child’s heart? You can never go wrong when you purchase cartoon-related items when they’re your child’s favorite. Tons of items are available for kids of all ages so browse the ideas and you’re sure to find the things that your little one loves.