The world of arts and crafts is one we are introduced to was we are children.  Some of the more famous art projects we are exposed to are the clay handprints, turkey hand drawings and even some homemade Christmas ornaments.  For many a diy arts & crafts project is an event we all look forward to.  With these types of projects, we are allowed to express our creativity in ways we can’t otherwise achieve.

Collecting odds and ends

Before you start with your craft projects, it would be a good idea to start collecting some odds and ends that you find around your travels.  With DIY projects the object is to use fun and unique items.  These can be stray buttons, string, feathers, leaves or even sand from the beach.  What you want to do is travel around with some jars and other containers to collect what you find.  Then when you get home sort them out into more specific collection containers that you can then use later in your art projects.

Search the Internet

diy arts & crafts

When looking for a cool project hunt around the Internet.  Doing image searches, watching videos and even finding some craft books online can help boost your inspiration.  When you search the internet use tools like Evernote or OneNote to keep track of what you find.  These applications will allow you to take screen shots, copy text and much more.  They are great programs and they are free.

Practice and explore

When it comes to art there are no right or wrong answers.  What you want to do is practice different techniques or try to reproduce what others have done.  Once you have a few projects under your belt, you will want to explore different options and drive your creativity.  The last thing you want to do is be afraid of trying something new.  You never know what you can create until you practice and explore.

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