You’ve heard of “murder mystery” games put on by different organizations. Many of these games are similar to the board game Clue, but in real life. They attract people from all over, enabling you to put your sleuthing skills to the test without ever having to bear witness to a real crime.

How do these murder mystery games work? They can usually involve a host of different scenarios, and each player is usually assigned a “character.” Your job is to learn the scenario and put your brain to work deducing which of these “characters” committed the fictional crime.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Murder Mystery Games


There are several questions a newcomer might have to these kind of games, and murder mysteries are just one of the fun activities one might find in train ride shows tampa bay activities.

If you have questions, you may find the answer right here:

·    What do you need for a murder mystery game? This one is easy. All you really need to bring is your inner sleuth, creativity, and imagination. Things like props, story, and even costumes are usually handled by the organization putting on the event.

·    What is the point of a murder mystery game? Murder mystery games usually assign everyone a sort of “character,” and a scenario. The typical scenario is that someone on the train was murdered, and your job, along with your fellow players, is to try to figure out who the fictional murderer is.

·    Are there any prizes involved? There will usually be some kind of prize to the person who correctly guesses the “identity” of the fictional murderer.

Murder mystery games are a lot of fun, attracting many people to come try their sleuthing skills in a fun and entirely fictional, safe environment. If you want to be a detective without all the danger of actually being a detective, then something like this might just be right up your alley.